Live Magazine is a studio-run publication. For each issue, we attend an event and create multimedia stories about its most stimulating ideas and conversations. We also become part of the proceedings, building a pop-up space to talk with attendees, gather on-the-spot reactions, and create and sell limited-run objects. Each issue is published shortly after—and sometimes during!—the event, creating immediate context and insight that becomes a lasting artifact.

Issue 01

At RGD’s 2018 DesignThinkers Conference.
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Issue 02

At RGD’s 2019 DesignThinkers Conference.
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Issue 03

At the 2022 Bentway Street Summit. Read the online issue here.

“A fantastic way to add long-term value to the exciting but short-lived event.”

Hilary Ashworth, Executive Director, RGD

New Issue, New Event
Each issue of Live Magazine reports on a different conference, festival, symposium, or competition.

Editorial Project + Live Performance
Our team becomes part of the event itself, creating a pop-up space to talk to attendees and gather on-the-spot ideas and reactions.

Real-time Insight
Writers, photographers, illustrators, and editors capture and create material throughout the event, out in the open.

Fun Takeaways
We create and sell limited-run editions on-site. They often relate to what’s happening that day.

“We love the collaborative approach, beautiful infographics, bright illustrations, and how content was generated with the community.”

Rally Rally, Design Studio

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