Doing Better at Frontier

To our friends, colleagues, and community:

We have spent the summer reflecting upon the worldwide movements for social justice that accelerated after George Floyd’s death on May 25 in Minneapolis. After reading, listening, watching, and talking with each other and with experts, we are committing publicly to doing better in the fight against systemic oppression and violence.

We recognize that since the office’s founding in 2014, our progress and growth has been within a system that is biased and oppressive, providing our leaders with privileges and advantages not offered to designers or other professionals who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, people living with disabilities, or individuals who do not identify as cis-het. We commit to using all facets of our work, from everyday office behaviors to long-term policies to interactions with clients, to support the movements for equity and justice for all people.

We have written a living document, which we call Doing Better. You can view it here. It reflects our current work and establishes next steps, which include:

  • Prioritizing hiring BIPOC applicants for all full-time and contract positions and growing a team in which no more than half our staff hold white privilege by December 31, 2022
  • Being transparent about our values when we introduce ourselves to new partners and clients, as well as engaging in direct conversations with clients when they exhibit oppressive or insensitive behavior
  • Using our media platforms, including our podcast, online articles, and this newsletter, to elevate the voices of BIPOC and diversely able designers and creatives
  • Hosting regular all-staff discussions focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism to ensure this summer’s conversations and actions are ongoing
  • Continuing our work on women’s rights in the workplace and beyond, which means equal pay, equal opportunities for career advancement, equal access to benefits, and support for team members to become leaders in design and other fields

We posted this document publicly because we have much to learn and recognize that learning is best undertaken transparently and alongside a community. We’re eager to do our small part to resist injustice and strive to make Frontier a design office that creates stellar work and welcomes collaborators without prejudice.


Maddie Cochran
Eric Francisco
Paddy Harrington
Deb Khodanovich
Jessica Leong
Tristan Marantos
Phillip Novak
Sarah Paul
Lisa Qin
Brian Sholis
Hannah Vance
Nicholas Hanlon
Paul Kawai
Emi Takahashi

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