—For more info on the Bentway’s open house about the potential for the space under the Gardiner Expressway, click here.

—New podcast episode: A conversation with architect Farida Abu-Bakare about working in North America and Ghana, breaking away from convention, and helping along the next generation.

—Find the new, weekly Frontier Magazine at 📬

—New work: A refreshed website for Verra, a nonprofit organization that sets the world’s leading standards for climate action and sustainable development.

—On Purpose Design, because change happens when people have better, more inspiring ways to change


—We’ve updated our Doing Better statement to reflect what we have learned since first publishing it in 2020 and how we try to create positive and uplifting impact as a design office.

—New work: Giving focus to HQ, a new kind of healthcare clinic.

—The latest issue of Live Magazine, reporting from The Bentway’s Street Summit, is online at It contains articles, interviews, op-eds, audio stories, short films, and more—all about streets and city life.

—New work: a refreshed visual identity and a new website design for Toronto-based architecture firm Giannone Petricone Associates

Our leading-edge visual identity for the groundbreaking basketball team India Rising; see also “On the Rise,” an interview with Gautam Kapur about creating the team & more