—An interview with ITA Leisure founder Jade Akintola about lowering the barriers to outdoor pursuits for people of color, working with BIPOC designers, and the power of building communities

—An interview with AIAIAI co-founder Frederk Jørgensen about committing to artists, the benefits of long-term partnerships, and why he prefers “responsibility” to “sustainability.”

—We’ve updated our Doing Better statement to reflect what we have learned since first publishing it in 2020 and how we try to create positive and uplifting impact as a design office.

An interview with architects Tessa Kelly and Chris Parkinson of Group AU on working collaboratively to make their city more community-responsive.

—New work: Giving focus to HQ, a new kind of healthcare clinic.

—On Purpose Design, because change happens when people have better, more inspiring ways to change

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—Season 3, Episode 4 of the First Things First podcast features a conversation with Bjarke Ingels about how architecture can accelerate positive change. Listen or read the transcript here.

—The latest issue of Live Magazine, reporting from The Bentway’s Street Summit, is online at It contains articles, interviews, op-eds, audio stories, short films, and more—all about streets and city life.

—An interview with Harmony Toolbox creator Ryan Mather about personal values, whether companies have innate characteristics, and the importance of paying close attention.

An interview with Melyon founder Roger Dupé about diversity in the beauty industry, how his West African roots inform his company’s products, and sustainable packaging.

—Season 3, Episode 3 of the First Things First podcast is an interview with designer Barbara Groth, who founded The Nomadic School of Wonder, on her pioneering multimedia designs, the importance of play, and helping people to be present in the moment.

—New work: a refreshed visual identity and a new website design for Toronto-based architecture firm Giannone Petricone Associates

A review of The Women Who Changed Architecture, an ambitious encyclopedia that charts the accomplishments of six generations of women architects

Our leading-edge visual identity for the groundbreaking basketball team India Rising; see also “On the Rise,” an interview with Gautam Kapur about creating the team & more

—“Networking Opportunity,” on Tailscale, a new networking service that gives users peace of mind—and reinvigorates the original premise of the internet

—Season 3, Episode 2 of the First Things First podcast, an interview with legendary designer Bruce Mau about his new book MC24 and how inspiration is key to changing the world for the better

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