Paul Sahre

Paul Sahre is a New York–based designer who has worked with everyone from Marvel to Google to The New York Times. He’s an expert cover designer. He’s designed album covers for bands like They Might be Giants, covers for New York magazine, and book covers for authors like Chuck Klosterman. In this episode, Paul talks about his new book, Two Dimensional Man, his love of making stuff, and the importance of once having had his design office, Office of Paul Sahre (OOPS), above a Dunkin’ Donuts in New York City.


First Things First is produced in partnership with the Association of Registered Graphic Designers. It is hosted by Paddy Harrington and edited by Max Cotter. Frontier’s sponsor music is an edited version of “sketch (rum-portrait)” by Jahzzar from the album Sketches.

This episode features an edited version of “Lick Stick ” by Blue Dot Sessions from the album Nursery; an edited version of “Everybody” by Podington Bear from the album Carefree; and an edited version of “In And Out ” by Podington Bear from the album Daydream.

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