Helping a nonprofit support artists striving for change

Positioning, Visual Identity

Championing Creativity

Frontier worked collaboratively with ArtsHelp to evolve its brand identity and reflect its work harnessing virtual spaces to spotlight artists and drive social change. By researching the competitive landscape, conducting stakeholder interviews, and facilitating a working session, we helped clarify ArtsHelp’s purpose as a foundation for its visual identity and messaging.

Embracing the Work

The creative process is often messy, and the visual identity reflects the joy of creation and all that it entails. The brand includes textures that reflect this idea through the materiality of artistic practices, such as charcoal, canvas, and paint. It also features triangular and rectangular frames that borrow from the silhouette of the logo monogram to spotlight and create space for the work of the artists that ArtsHelp features.

Revealing the Hand

The visual identity uses simple line work and angular, linear shapes as a reference to the artist’s hand, as many art pieces start off as simple sketches that evolve into completed works. It is also used to create a continuous pathway that unites bodies of work and creates a fuller, connected narrative that tells the story of ArtsHelp.