Uncovering new purpose within an established brand

Messaging, Positioning

Toward a Greater Vision

B+H is one of Canada’s largest and most established architecture firms and has offices around the world. It is known for projects supporting famous global architects, like Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, in which it acted as executive architect. It had come to be known as the firm that gets things done but not necessarily for its design expertise or vision. B+H engaged Frontier to develop new brand positioning that could chart an authentic path beyond being “just” the executive architect.

Design at the Heart

Increasing international success brought a desire to reposition the firm with design at the heart, but in a way that could still feel unique and authentic. Frontier performed multi-stakeholder engagements with senior leadership to establish B+H’s purpose, a set of distinct values, and a core ambition for the firm.


The name B+H has come to stand for much more than the firm's founders, Sidney Bregman and George Hamann. Through our research-engagement process, we came to understand that B+H stood for a unique way this team of architects, planners, engineers, and designers approach their work—bold design informed by careful listening. Bold+Human became the purpose that informed new positioning and even a new tagline that adorns all its communications.

In Frontier we found a true strategic partner to uncover the DNA of our brand and express it in a way that has become a rallying cry and touchstone.

Jennifer Futol, Chief Marketing Officer

Visuals by B+H. Tagline and messaging by Frontier.