Emphasizing the edible for a craft-focused edible-cannabis brand

Bogart’s Kitchen
Brand Identity, Naming, Positioning, Web Design

Understanding the Context

Bogart’s Kitchen is all about edible cannabis experiences and is motivated to create a menu with the most delicious, craveable, and pleasurable treats. The company approached Frontier in search of brand positioning and a visual identity. We began with a working session to help articulate its ambition, core values, and personality. From this, and from research into partners and industry competitors, we developed a framework that informed the visual identity and all brand communication. Bogart’s Kitchen is part of the Sunday Market cannabis-brand family.

Like PB&J, like Salt & Pepper

Frontier developed a visual identity that is as deeply inspired by food as it is by the company’s core values. All the brand elements combine two complementary sides—one motivated by pleasure and experience, another that seeks improvement and objective perfection. These elements—the logo, the two brand typefaces, the two primary colours, and the messaging copy—balance these complementary halves of Bogart’s Kitchen.

Eat with your eyes

Building on the idea of complementary pairs, our design approach embraced industry regulations and guidelines while using visual elements to entice and intrigue. Full of bold colors referencing flavor profiles, fun and close-cropped curvaceous forms, and pithy descriptive copy, the visual identity captures the feeling and sensation of enjoying these artisan-crafted, exquisitely delicious products. Following the launch, Frontier continues to support and collaborate on the Bogart’s Kitchen rollout.

Our Clio short-lister has been the most fun to develop for social media. The centrality of Frontier’s purpose work has set the brand apart in the vast edibles landscape in Canada. No product without a story is now the Bogart’s development strategy.

Trish Lackey, Director of Marketing

Bogart's Kitchen is a member of the Sunday Market brand family. Others include  include Nith & Grand, the premium cannabis experience; Divvy, friendly growers of everyday bud; and Noon & Night, champions of cannabis wellness.