Helping a leading service-design company find its best lines

Digital Design, Environment, Identity, Positioning

Bridgeable is a service-design consultancy with an international roster of clients. Its founder approached Frontier for a rebrand that reflects the company’s industry-leading status and distinguishes it from its peers.

The company had recently experienced significant growth, maturing out of its “entrepreneurial” phase. Before embarking upon design work, Frontier collaborated with Bridgeable employees to help articulate the company’s new position and crystallize its purpose: “a more human approach.” This impacted not only our subsequent efforts, but also consolidated how Bridgeable’s team undertook its day-to-day work: nothing formulaic, everything approachable. And definitely no jargon.

Given a logo that couldn’t change significantly, we chose to give it character—or, rather, six characters, each a distinct expression of Bridgeable’s ethos. Those six lines recur throughout our work for the company, which spans print collateral, a new website, environmental graphics, a pattern library, and a “brand narrative” that Bridgeable’s employees now use to introduce their capabilities and approach.

Our type treatment, which combines the serif Chronicle with Fenoman Sans, both approachable typefaces, is unique in that there is no prescribed hierarchy between the two. Again, nothing formulaic.

As Bridgeable has grown, it has asked us to expand upon our work and we enjoy the collaboration to this day.

Frontier did much more than design a beautiful visual identity—they clarified our organization's purpose and brought it to life in a way that resonates deeply with our team and our clients.

Chris Ferguson, Founder

Photography of interiors by Harry Choi.