Clarifying a message about the environmental costs of crypto

Conscious Crypto Creator
Messaging, Visual Identity

Addressing a New Problem through Art

Conscious Crypto Creator (CCC) is a global movement dedicated to the adoption of more sustainable cryptocurrency practices. Many popular crypto technologies are a colossal and growing source of CO2 emissions, and, as their popularity grows, CCC aims to educate the public about more sustainable alternatives. This is done through artist grants and a specially developed educational curriculum. The CCC program was created by ArtsHelp, a nonprofit arts organization that had previously turned to Frontier for its own visual identity.

Energizing an Audience

CCC tasked Frontier with developing a visual identity for the global launch of its programming. Built to balance the technological foundations of its work with the urgency of the group’s message, the brand employs eye-catchingly vibrant colors and heavy, angular graphics. Based on an isometric grid, the visual language features message-specific icons and unique patterns that reference broader ideas like connection and data. Together with punchy calls to action, the CCC brand expresses the activist energy needed to change global practices for the better.

Building a Movement

Frontier also worked with the CCC leadership team to develop the messaging and narrative deck used to market the program and enlist business and government support. In thirty or so pages, the document outlines the present challenges inherent to cryptocurrency practices and the urgent need for global change to more sustainable options.