Identifying great value as a cannabis brand’s chief virtue

Naming, Positioning, Visual Identity, Web Design

The Great Value Brand

Divvy’s ambition is to compete against the legacy cannabis market that has existed since before legalization. Its goal is to make the most, of the best product, for the least cost. Frontier designed a purpose framework for Divvy through research that included extensive competitor, industry-wide, and audience analysis. This framework ensured that the subsequent phases of work—including naming, visual identity, copywriting, and website design—served the brand’s purpose. Divvy is part of the Sunday Market cannabis-brand family.

Your Friendly Neighbour

Divvy sought to join the existing market by respecting those who’ve built it. The visual identity is inspired by the idea that it can be that friend of a friend who becomes your friend—the one who will always help out and has great treats to share. Frontier designed Divvy’s signature look around loose and casual marks written in Sharpie. This style references the origins of the industry, brings a human connection into the work, and precludes unnecessarily glossy marketing that feels at odds with how cannabis has traditionally been sold and distributed. An abundant set of hand-drawn glyphs and doodles pairs with crowdsourced photography to make Divvy the generous neighbor we all want.

Products Come First

Another key principle for Divvy is that the products come first. We didn’t want to over-design a brand for which the key message is about keeping things simple, so we embraced the restriction of designing easily reproducible assets. The brand system we developed encourages designers with simple instructions and an emphasis on personality. By ensuring the design is easy to use, the Divvy team can focus on supporting its farmers and growing great products.

Divvy is our team’s favorite brand because building it with Frontier felt like bringing to life something that reflects our vibe and personalities. That level of connection is lacking in the cannabis industry. And it’s been rewarded: Divvy has been on the Ontario Cannabis Store’s “most searched brands” list since launch.

Trish Lackey, Director of Marketing

Divvy is a member of the Sunday Market brand family. Others include include Nith & Grand, the premium cannabis experience; Bogart’s Kitchen, connoisseurs of edible cannabis; and Noon & Night, champions of cannabis wellness.