Visualizing complex research and action through infinite perspectives

Toronto Metropolitan University, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
Content, Digital Design, Editorial Design, Identity

System Within a System

The Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) is home to nearly six thousand students dedicated to answering some of the biggest questions of the twenty-first century. Following a university-wide rebrand, FEAS engaged Frontier to help it find its identity within the new system.

Infinite Perspectives

Following a collaborative research process, which included interviews with students, faculty members, and industry partners, we developed a set of strategic insights that formed the basis for a new visual identity. At the centre of the new brand was a celebration of the infinite perspectives of the people and programs within FEAS—a phrase that became the title of its annual prospectus.

Telling Student & Faculty Stories

Based on extrusions of the university logo, we developed an extended series of blocks that formed the foundation of the faculty brand. We also designed and developed the faculty’s annual prospectus, a website used for promotion and fundraising. For the website, we wrote seventeen original editorials about the faculty that include original photography and video.

It has been a professional highlight for me to receive the reaction to Infinite Perspectives. I am convinced that this piece of work is universally loved. I am truly grateful for Frontier’s role in making it possible.

Lynsey Kissane Director, Strategy and Communications

Creating a Distinct Identity Within a Framework

One big challenge was ensuring the new FEAS identity felt like it belonged within X University’s master brand. To that end, we based the faculty identity on a series of extrusions of the university logo, creating a distinct but familiar visual language.

The endless permutations of the FEAS block allowed the brand to reflect the plethora of subjects and backgrounds present within the faculty, an important insight that came out of our research. To celebrate this concept more directly, we developed messaging based on the tagline “infinite perspectives.”

Using the Brand to Tell Stories

Once the new identity was developed, our next task was to design, write, and develop an online portal that would act as a showcase for the faculties ongoing work. For this website, we wrote seventeen original editorials about the faculty, and shot original photography and video.

The prospectus uses the FEAS block as an entryway into six future-facing questions that categorize the work in focus—capturing everything from evolving healthcare to artificial intelligence. See the full prospectus here.

Architectural Science Admissions Handbook

After building out the visual identity, we were asked to design the admissions booklet for the Architectural Science department within FEAS. Working directly with the department's chair and faculty communications staff, we developed an information hierarchy and narrative that differentiated the department from other programs in the province. The new visual identity was then applied to the handbook, creating a visually engaging and comprehensive communications piece for prospective students.

Photography by Nick Kozak. Video by Wyatt Clough.