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Giannone Petricone Associates
Visual Identity, Web Design


When Giannone Petricone Associates (GPA) approached Frontier, the studio was at a critical turning point. The team was expanding and interest in their work was booming. GPA needed our help in rethinking its brand, as well as redesigning the expression of that brand across its core marketing channels.

From the Spoon to the City

Our work began with an essential idea at the heart of GPA’s work—Italian architect Ernesto Rogers’s concept of “spoon to the city.” With it, Rogers cheekily describes the approach of the Milanese architect designing a spoon, a chair, and a lamp and, in the same day, working on a skyscraper. At GPA, each project is designed in this same way—they are unique and widely diverse in scale, but always approached with the utmost intensity, attention to detail, and passion.

A Thoughtful Balance

The visual identity we designed is a reflection of, and a meditation on, this “spoon to the city” approach. Our robust visual system focuses on material beauty, dynamic texture, and an approach to colour that balances emotional impact with conceptual clarity. These elements help create a strong visual thread across a variety of applications. The system is strengthened further through a stylistic tone that pays homage to classic motifs in Italian graphic design.