Helping an art gallery lead a cultural evolution

Hannah Traore Gallery
Positioning, Purpose Design, Signage, Visual Identity, Web Design

A Space for Diverse Perspectives

Hannah Traore Gallery (HTG) is a contemporary art gallery in New York with a mission to uplift Black, Indigenous, and marginalized artists through exciting programming that welcomes new and existing art audiences. Traore approached Frontier to help her articulate an inspiring purpose and ambition for the gallery, leading to the driving idea that HTG is a space for diverse perspectives.

Purposefully Different

Traore wanted her namesake business to depart from other galleries’ visual austerity. Frontier used curvilinear shapes, an emphasis on materials, and a color palette of creams and browns to build a visual language that celebrates the gallery’s distinct values. Frontier responded to Traore’s personal vision with customized typography but also ensured, through compositional guidelines and other tools, that the brand system suits the art-world context.

A Committed Partnership

The success of our collaboration with Hannah was partially built on a true understanding and alignment with HTG’s vision. Frontier built on the success of our purpose and identity work by designing the gallery’s website, branded templates, and communications materials. A flexible and proactive relationship with Traore and her team enabled us to support the gallery’s short- and long-term needs with high-quality work that integrates seamlessly into the gallery’s launch and ongoing operations.

“At first I didn’t realize how the positioning and branding that Frontier created would be so integral in laying the groundwork for the gallery. But it was, and throughout the process I felt so heard and seen by the team. After only one session, they managed to completely understand me and, more importantly, my vision for the gallery.”

Hannah Traore, Founder & Director