A leading-edge identity for a ground-breaking Indian basketball team

India Rising
Visual Identity

A Unique Context

India Rising is an unprecedented basketball team bringing together the world’s best Indian-origin players to compete in The Basketball Tournament (TBT). Team founder Gautam Kapur approached Frontier to design a new visual identity to represent the team as it competes in this high-stakes tournament.

Indian in Nature, Global in Appeal

The design process started by identifying unique landmarks that anchors the identity in the team’s strong Indian roots while still appealing to a wider global audience. The logo’s central element is the Himalayas, a mountain range along India’s northeastern border and a distinct feature of its geography. The mountains also represent the strength and stability within the team. Combined with custom typography and a basketball graphic, the logo brings together Indian identity and sporting prowess.

Designed for Multiple Formats

Sports identities require multiple logo formats to suit their many contexts—from jerseys to banners and everything in between. We created a system of five distinct but complimentary logos that succeed in various sizes and formats, whether type-only or accompanied by graphics. These diverse logos also possess the flexibility needed for a wide range of digital and social-media contexts, whether it’s an animated Instagram story or a YouTube highlight reel.