Creating a unique brand language for EA’s first Action Adventure studio

Motive Studios
Digital Design, Identity, Messaging, Type Design

When Electronic Arts (EA) decided to enter the Action Adventure market with Motive—a new gaming studio out of Montreal—it approached Frontier to design a brand that could capture its vision.

The Action Adventure genre pushes the boundaries of video games. At the heart of these games is a complexity and mystery that invites users not only to complete levels or tasks, but also to think and explore beyond the obvious. We began by defining the design strategy for the visual identity by speaking with key people involved in the new company, especially founder Jade Raymond. Once established, our strategy became the foundation for a design approach that captured the spirit of mystery and adventure by focusing on codes and symbols and used a cryptic tone that suffuses the brand. The most versatile element we designed was a custom typeface called Motive Code, which makes up the wordmark and background patterns and is also used as a working font by the Motive team.