Establishing a Canadian perspective on global conservation

Nature United
Editorial Design, Naming, Positioning, Visual Identity

Understanding the Context

Faced with other similarly named conservation groups, The Nature Conservancy of Canada (TNC Canada) came to Frontier in need of a rename and brand refresh. To complicate things, there existed clear benefits to maintaining an explicit connection to the global organization with a highly respected brand and many international donors. This challenge provided a new opportunity to confidently establish its own voice, both nationally and internationally.

Capturing Real Impact

Thorough research—including interviews with global team members, researchers, and supporters—led to a strategic framework built on TNC Canada’s uniquely holistic approach to conservation. In the communities where it works, TNC is known for its deep understanding, engagement, and collaboration with community, industry, and other partner organizations. Focusing on these critical relationships, Frontier developed the name Nature United, a brand strategy that shares real stories of nature’s impact, and a new visual identity.

Evolving the Visual Identity

Professional and approachable, the visual identity is an evolution of the well-loved global brand system. Additional elements help give specificity to Nature United’s work: a bolder colour palette, compositional rules for clarity, photography that prominently features people interacting with nature, and a circular framing motif that symbolizes unity and inclusivity. Frontier's relationship with Nature United is ongoing; we design key communication tools to express its mission and purpose.

Our new name reflects [our] ambition and the progress we are making toward a shared vision of sustainability.

Hadley Archer, Executive Director

Frontier brings creativity and vibrancy to the outward expression of our work, mission, and goals. But, more importantly, our partnership feels trusting and authentic—they listen, dig in on the complexity of the work, and create truly collaborative design.

Jacqueline Nunes, Director of Marketing

Photography by Jason Houston, Pat Kane, Bryan Evans, Michael Pietrocarlo, and Jon McCormack