Designing a cannabis brand to show that where you come from shapes what you do

Nith & Grand
Brand Identity, Messaging, Naming, Positioning, Web Design

Identifying Purpose

Nith & Grand knew that premium cannabis did not have to look exclusive or stodgy. Instead it could be friendly and trustworthy and attract a range of audiences. To begin our work and to fully understand the client, the industry, and the project needs, our research included a site visit, stakeholder and audience interviews, and working sessions. This process informed our recommendations on the brand’s purpose and, by extension, its visual identity, messaging, and other forms of outreach, such as the design and writing for the website, legal, and vanity-product packaging. Nith & Grand is part of the Sunday Market cannabis-brand family.

Pride of Place

Drawn from the names of the two rivers that flow through Paris, Ontario, where the company is based, Nith & Grand reflects the company’s strong ties to history, place, and the natural environment. The small-town setting is also memorialized in the visual identity’s patterns and illustration style, which offer a loving homage to the spectacular environs.

Capturing the Voice

Frontier was also responsible for setting the brand’s narrative tone, which included copywriting for the website. The personality and tone we knew so well from our earlier purpose and positioning work enabled us to quickly establish Nith & Grand as a personable, relatable, and relaxed entity. The brand’s use of language—which includes a few choice puns—further distinguishes it from its competitors. The tone we set has guided the company’s subsequent communications.

Frontier gave us a strong visual identity for Nith & Grand and they helped us nail down its purpose and reassess its attributes. That effort was rewarding, and now we know clearly how it slots into our portfolio while standing out in the craft-cannabis category.

Trish Lackey, Director of Marketing

Nith & Grand is a member of the Sunday Market brand family. Others include Bogart’s Kitchen, connoisseurs of edible cannabis; Divvy, friendly growers of everyday bud; and Noon & Night, champions of cannabis wellness.