Designing a CBD-wellness brand that knows rituals shouldn’t be routine

Noon & Night
Naming, Positioning, Visual Identity, Web Design

Building the Foundation

Noon & Night believes in supporting everyone’s wellness journey and is one of the first CBD brands in Canada to expand into the health and wellness market. Frontier developed its purpose framework to encompass its ambition, core values, and messaging themes. From there, we led a naming process that yielded a shortlist of strategically-driven and exciting candidates. The chosen name, Noon & Night, encapsulates the power of wellness rituals while incorporating memorable structure and alliteration. Noon & Night is part of Sunday Market a cannabis-brand family.

Makes You Feel

Noon & Night’s visual identity is rooted in the simple pleasures of self-care and rejuvenating daily routines. The visual identity engages the senses, translating the softness and the pleasure often associated with wellness products. The brand’s photography style uses soft backgrounds, detailed natural textures, and short focal lengths to eliminate background noise and focus on the products. The typographic approach, photography style, and the sunset- and botanically-inspired colors all speak to blissful sensory experiences.

A Calming Web Experience

Frontier was also tasked with bringing the brand to life online. Building on key strategic ideas that informed the visual identity, we looked for ways the web experience could itself offer quiet moments to slow down, relax, and take a pause. The landing page features full-screen photographs of lush gardens, featured products, and soft textures. Product pages function similarly, with each item taking up the entirety of the screen. Colors, textures, and light reinforce a meditative and relaxing user experience.

A tough ask: build a wellness brand that, because of regulations, can’t really call itself that. But in record time, Frontier delivered something smooth, calming, and sophisticated that can translate into an over-the-counter leader when CBD becomes deregulated—and in the meantime effectively bridges self-care routines, skin care, and CBD.

Trish Lackey, Director of Marketing

Product photography by Noon & Night. Photo style by Frontier.

Noon & Night is a member of the Sunday Market brand family. Others include Nith & Grand, the premium cannabis experience; Bogart’s Kitchen, connoisseurs of edible cannabis; and Divvy, friendly growers of everyday bud.