Building architectural narratives through intimate client collaboration

Roundabout Studio
Content, Digital Design, Positioning

Crafting Process & Results

Roundabout is a design-build architecture firm based in Toronto. Focused primarily on designing homes, its work is driven by a highly collaborative and conversational design process. Every project is unique and each client brings a different set of values, concerns, and ideas. Roundabout embraces this diversity and listens carefully to craft both the design and the process.

Enriching Relationships

Frontier worked with Roundabout to craft its purpose, supporting values, and future ambitions. Through interviews, synthesis, and workshops, we discovered what’s at the heart of Roundabout’s work—that at its best, architecture can support and enrich relationships. This idea drove new positioning language as well as Frontier’s own design process in developing a brand-new website.

Building Narratives

Open and honest dialogue is central to how Roundabout works with its clients. This idea became core to our web-design idea generation. We designed each case study to tell unique a story; we rethought Roundabout's process description as a client-led interview with the studio’s founders; and we stripped down the contact page to place clear focus on client requests.

Frontier invested the time to really get to know us, and through that process we got to know ourselves better. Our new web site is terrific: It’s smart, thoughtful, simple in the best possible way, and, most importantly, it represents who we are and what we do.

Gary Westwood, Managing Director