Purpose-driven team building at the highest level

Sacramento Kings
Communication Strategy, Purpose Design

One for All

Going in to the 2019–20 season, the Sacramento Kings coaching staff was all new going into the 2019 season. As such, they needed to quickly get onto the same page about their overall philosophy and approach. An NBA team is a people business, and people need clarity, structure, and alignment in order to work well together. Frontier was invited to help define, clarify, and communicate the essential philosophy and purpose of the Kings in a way that the coaching staff could get behind. 

Of Place

Sacramento is located about ninety minutes from San Francisco and three hours from Yosemite National Park. It is home to epic mountain adventure with a Californian edge. The challenge was to bring Sacramento and everything it represents into the vision and purpose in a way that also addressed the very practical needs of an NBA team. Frontier helped shape a succinct Sacramento-specific idea that could help guide the coaching staff’s big-picture philosophy and approach throughout the year.

Working Together

Over several months, Frontier worked with a small group to help bring their philosophy to life in the form of graphics, events, and activities that told the story in inspiring ways. We worked closely and collaboratively on a shared vision that everyone on the staff could own and shape. The result was a more cohesive group united in the monumental task of building lasting success in the National Basketball Association.

Frontier used design in a strategic way to help guide our team. They helped shape our purpose as a coaching staff. The result was more alignment and a shared sense of direction moving towards our goals in a united way.

Roy Rana, Assistant Coach, Chief of Staff